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Business Defamation

A business’ reputation is one of its most important assets.  In today’s day and age, a disparaging comment can be made instantly online and dispersed worldwide.  As a result, your business may suffer great harm, lose standing in your community, and turn off potential customers or clients.  When someone makes a false claim against your business, you need to do everything in your power to protect and restore the good name of your enterprise.

Business Defamation Claims in Illinois:

Business defamation may occur when a false statement is made in a public place, or in a written publication, and that statement causes a business to suffer a financial loss.  While in most circumstances, someone’s opinion of your business cannot be grounds for a claim—if that opinion also includes untrue statements presented as facts, then the statement could still form a basis for legal action.


In practice, businesses generally file commercial disparagement claims when another person or business knowingly made false and/or misleading statements about it, and said business suffered a monetary loss due to the impact of the false and/or misleading statements.

Time Limit for Claims (Act Quickly!):

Defamatory statements can have long lasting, negative impacts on your business—both on economic and personal levels.  When this happens, you need experienced legal guidance to protect your rights and advocate on your behalf.  If your enterprise has been the victim of commercial defamation, contact The Castle Law Firm as soon as possible to preserve your rights.  The statute of limitations for defamation claims in Illinois is one year.  If you fail to file a lawsuit within one year after the defamatory statement was made, you will lose your right to pursue damages for the harm your business suffered.