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Information For Franchisees

In any franchise arrangement, there is a delicate balance between the requirements of the franchise company (the franchisor) with the rights and needs of the individual franchisee. The laws and regulations of each industry provide a degree of balance in this regard, but it is important to have an attorney who can help protect your interests. A national restaurant, fitness chain, or other business will have a significant advantage in terms of resources and power.


Whether you are seeking to purchase a single unit or 100 units, The Castle Law Firm can guide prospective and existing franchisees through the entire process. The firm will make certain you understand your rights and obligations under the franchise agreement, and can represent you throughout the life of your franchise. Some of the services the firm offers include:


  • Examining your potential franchise opportunity for its viability and potential dangers, so that you can determine whether a particular franchise system is right for you
  • Providing you with a thorough analysis of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), franchise agreement, and related documents—along with applicable laws and regulations
  • Providing recommendations for amending the franchise agreement and other relevant material (if necessary), and, to the extent possible, negotiating the terms and conditions with the franchisor on your behalf
  • Managing franchisor relations to advance your interests—including working with the franchisor to resolve any disagreements and making sure you have what you need as a franchisee in their system
  • Assisting you in setting up an operating company
  • Negotiating and reviewing your lease
  • Assisting you in obtaining business permits and licenses
  • Representing you throughout the life of your franchise for general operational and business matters, including employment relationships
  • Defending alleged breaches of the franchise agreement and/or non-competition agreement against you; and on the other hand, pursuing action against franchisor if it fails to fulfill its obligations to you under the franchise agreement


Transfer and Sale of Franchise: If you are buying, selling, or transferring an existing franchise, The Castle Law Firm drafts and reviews documents related to the sale of assets or stock, assignment of the lease and franchise agreements, and works on your behalf with the franchisor to facilitate the transaction.