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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (“IP”) protects the rights that companies or individuals have to own their inventions, designs, and anything else that they create.  When it comes to your business, it is important to know the rules governing ownership, distribution, and use of your IP, and how to protect and enforce your rights.


Laws governing the creation, use, and distribution of IP often involve terms like “patents,” “copyrights,” and “trademarks.”  Understanding these concepts can go a long way in ensuring that your IP is protected and that you can enforce your rights to the maximum extent allowed under the law:


  • Patent: A patent protects an invention and allows owners to exclude others from producing, using, or distributing it without their permission.
  • Copyright: Copyright laws protect the expression of ideas through various media—including books, music, paintings, drawings, movies, etc.
  • Trademark: Trademarks refer to unique designs, symbols, words, sounds, and phrases a business uses in its branding either through registration with the government or through actual use.


Keeping these rights properly safeguarded is important for your business, brand, and other IP—because your creative works and processes are what distinguishes you from your competitors in the marketplace.  If you are considering allowing use or distribution of your IP to others, one safe way to do so is through a licensing agreement.  These contracts are quite common between businesses, and it is essential that an experienced attorney guide you through the negotiation and drafting process.


The Castle Law Firm’s experience in business law and related intellectual property matters can help you protect everything that makes your company unique.  From your products and services, branding, and overall identity, we will ensure that your business’ IP is safeguarded to the fullest extent possible through staunch research and due diligence, licensing negotiations, assistance with trademark/patent applications and copyright registration, and representation in enforcement actions.